Mini-Comic Bundles

Exclusive 1/8 size newsprint comic bundles delivered to your door every month.

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Old School
Is Back

It's Tiny

Mini Comics

...3 Unique Stories...

Every Month...

At Your Doorstep!

The Campaign...

Get the classic feel of old school comic books delivered to your door with this monthly collection of 1/8 size newsprint mini-comics bundles for only $5 a month.

The bundles, containing 3 books each, will be limited to a print run of 250 and distributed to subscribers every month for 12 months.

what you get...

  • 1/8 size newsprint mini-comics
  • 3 stories/books per bundle
    (24 pages total)
  • Delivered to your door monthly


  • monthly ($5 recurring payment)
  • Annual ($60 one-time payment)

Subscriber perks

current books...

Paranormal protocol

are you a robot? yes _ no _

Paradigm Shift #2/3

Lionheart’s past makes the business of professional wrestling personal

Hourglass #4/6

a critically wounded soldier wakes up in a medical facility-but his nightmare is just beginning.


#04 - DEC 2020

#03 - nov 2020

#02 - Oct 2020

#01 - Sept 2020